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Date: Saturday, April 26, 2014
Time:9:00 am Eastern

Ivory Cane Auction
Saturday April 26th 9:00 am Eastern
125 W Market Street
Johnson City , Tennessee

This sale will consist of some very fine ivory canes.

Here is the link to the printed catalogue:

Sale results and internet Catalogue:

Ivory Update April 4th-

Obama's new executive order to halt the sell of antique ivory to stop the
poaching in Africa did have a "drop dead" date of June 1. I appeared In
Washington D C before the board on March 20th. It seems that we are
going to have some leeway on the June 1st date. So I have changed the
title of the auction to "Ivory Cane Auction". As per some correspondence
with the head of the Fish and Game department that will be handling this I
see maybe the end of August as a drop dead date. This law will take effect
but I feel that those of us who are working on this and going to DC are
going to make a difference of how it is implemented. Wish me luck. I will be
back before the board in the later part of June or the first of July.

I will be accepting Ivory for the Summer 2014 Auction now that we have a
little more time. It will probably be the last time that we will be able to
auction it until the law is reversed. If you have Ivory canes to sell please
cont us

Here is the link to the New York Times article:

Some of the emails:


Thanks for the message. I do have some additional news. We will publish all
additional administrative actions (revoking or revising the African elephant
special rule, incorporating the Director's Order in regulations, changing
sport-hunted trophy requirements) as proposed rules. This means that none
of these actions will go into effect immediately. We are still targeting June
as when we would publish proposed rules. We would then have a public
comment period before doing final rules. Thus, final rules would likely be
several months after June.


Thanks for the message. I don't think we have a drop dead date for full
implementation of the administrative actions. The one that would have the
biggest impact on your auctions is revocation of the Endangered Species Act
African elephant special rule. The earliest that I see that happening is some
time in June. If it is published as a proposed rule, we will have a public
comment period and a final rule would follow several weeks or a few
months later. If we publish an interim final rule, it would go into effect when
published, though we would still request public input. This is why I say June
is the earliest that this could occur.

Yes, except for the implementation of our "use after import" regulations.
Once they are published and go into effect (probably about 6 weeks from
now) you will have to be able to demonstrate that the item offered for sale
was imported pre-1990 (for African elephant ivory).

Previous data below:
Obama’s new executive order to halt the sell of antique ivory to stop the
poaching in Africa has a “drop dead” date of June 1st as it stands now. I do
feel that there will be a change in this law in the future but this will be our
last offering until it does. I appeared In Washington D C before the board
on March 20th. Today is March 31st and it seems that we are goingtohave
some leway onthe June 1st date. We might even have " The Second Last
Great American Ivory Cane Auction" Stay tuned.

Cash or check 20% BP
Kimball M Sterling


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