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Date: Saturday, May 30, 2009
Time:11:00 EST

The Joe Adams Collection of Outsider and Folk-Art
May 30th 11:00 EST

The catalogue is up at:

Mac users for live internet auction please read:

While bidders can browse, register and leave absentee bids, the LiveAuctioneers live bidding and viewing console is not compatible running under the Mac OS X operating system. However, if a bidder has one of the Intel-based Mac systems, they have an option to participate by obtaining a copy of Windows XP SP2 and installing on your system Parallels Desktop.

My friend Joe "The Spam" Adams has collected folk-art for about as long as I have been selling art. I met Joe about 19 years ago, when he attended the Howard Smith Collection Auction. That was the first major collection offered to the public. Many pieces in this auction are from Joe's private collection. It was exciting getting into his storage and seeing items that have been off the market for many years from various collections that we have sold. He bought the best Willey Masseys from the Smith Collection, art from the Gitter-Yellen Collection, the Oh Appalachia Collection, Warren and Sylvia Lowe Collection, the James Smith Pearce Collection and many more. This will be an in-house and live internet auction( Both phone and absentee bids will also be accepted.

Partial List of Artist
Lawrence Lebduska, Malcolm McKesson, Jay Adams, Alpha Andrews, Butch Anthony, Andrea Badami, John W. Banks, Bebo, Robert Beebe, Robyn “The Beaver” Beaverland, Georgia Blizzard, Rudolph Bostic, Chris Brown, Brascatti, Richard Burnside, David Butler, Pris Buttler, Lisa Cain, Benny Carter, Mary Cayce, Jerry Coker, Scott Collins, C.W. Conner, Ronald Cooper, Harold Crowell, Karolina Danek, Paul “The Baltimore Glassman” Darmafall, William Dawson, Francois DeGuerce, Mamie Deschilles, Charles Dieter, Sherry Dooley, Brian Dowdall, Sam Doyle, Mark Dunham, Wayne Farrell, Buddy Fisher, Paul Flack, Evelyn Gibson, Sybil Gibson, Reverend Russell Gillespie, Lee Godie, Mary Gooldrup, Elayne Goodman, Ralph Griffin, Bertha Halozan, Alyne Harris, Bessie Harvey, D. Herget, Grace Hewell, Jessie Hickman, Scottie Higgins, Jeff Hirsch, Eric Holmes, Lonnie Holley, Leland Holiday, Don Holloway, Charles Howe, Shirley Howe, G.L. Howell, Elywn Hudson, Sylvanus Hudson, W. Hudson, Yvonne Hudson, Amos Hummell, James Harold Jennings, Jess, Willie Jinks, Anderson Johnson, Mama Johnson, Krista Jones, Charley Kinney, Kevin Lawless, Juanita Leonard, Kelly Laster, Ernest Lee Chris Lewallen, Jr Lewis, Marion Line, Cham Little, Charlie Lucas, Betty Sue Matthews, Willie Massey, M. Mayer, Jake McCord, Ruth Mae McCrane, Fred McPhail, Frank McGuigan, Carl McKenzie, Alfred McMore, Connie Methiun, Rosemary Miglove, Mark Casey Milestone, R.A. Miller, Roger E. Miller, Sue Million, Ann Moore, Roy Minshew, Betty Nathan, Jeff Payne, Reverend B.F. Perkins, Frank Pickle, Mary Proctor, H.K. Pulschen, Norman Quinn, Juanita Rogers, O.L. Samuels, Jack Savitsky, Leo Sewell, Steve Shepard, Jim Shores, Buford Simmons, Earl Simmons, Vollis Simpson, Brian Sink, “Mother” Gloria Smith, Norma Smith, Robert Smith, Lamar Sorrento, Wesley Stewart, Charles Still, Vannoy Streeter, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Michael “The Catfish Man” Suter, Willie Tarver, Henry Thezume, Barbara Thibodeaux, William Thomas Thompson,
Charlie Tolliver, Mose Tolliver, Kerri Hill Turner, Elise VanSavage, Joe Wackerman, Paul Walker, Hubert Walters, Knox Wilkenson, Ruby Williams, Pauline Willis, Allen Wilson, Sabra Wolfe, Xmeah Sha El Rae, Purvis Young

Photos and details coming soon to this site. Sneak preview of photos at:

Make your plans now to attend this auction of a lifetime collection of one of the pioneers of the folk-art field. This will be a great event for the art community.

The entire sale catalogue will be on our website about two weeks before the auction. The collection has been moved from Hilton Head S.C. to our gallery here in Johnson City. There will be over 600 pieces of art in the catalogue auction by both major and emerging artist. After the catalogue sale we will auction other art from the collection to in-house bidders. There will be many surprises in the after catalgoue auction.

Terms- Cash, check,credit card 15% BP and 20% BP on the net. Shipping will be done by our local shipper or we will hold for pickup.
Preview- Monday thru Friday the week of sale from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Johnson City, Tennessee 37604


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