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Dawn Rabsch, Sydney Au is a very difficult internet bidders to pay for her


Dawn Rabsch

Username: bellamoss
Address: 4/27 york road
bondi junction
sydney, nsw 2022, AU
Mobile tel: +6(140) 520-9739

Update. Dec. !st, He is up to it again,
You're probably aware of it, but Mr. Ross is up to his old tricks
A man by the name of George Powers who lives in Montreal has
messages from Mr. Ross. Mr. Ross sent him photos of things he's
"selling." One of those photos is of the same pedestal that I
from Mr. Ross. George's phone number is (450)445-xxxx and his e-
address is vandenbergh88@xxxx. He can give you a lot more

Mr. Ross is using the name Katherine this time. Katherine said she
some old things for sale and she and her brother Richard don't know
they're worth. Mr. Ross sent George several photos. I'll forward
messages and photos to you. Like I mentioned, one of the items is
same pedestal Mr. Ross "sold" me. When I originally saw the ebay
listing for the pedestal, I went into Mr. Ross' other items. One
them was a round bench with dark pink upholstery. That bench is
also in
one of the photos. I talked to George on the phone last night. He
me Mr. Ross has opened a new ebay account. His user name is

Update on Carlton Ross also know as Charles Griffin:
Hi Dan, Kimball, and George,

Dan gave me the name and e-mail address of his attorney in
After contacting him and looking over the small claims court
website I
decided not to try and recover my money. If I do, I could just end
losing a lot more money, and I couldn't deal with the thought of
any more money on the account of that waste of a human life. The
attorney charges $275 an hour and wanted an up-front payment of
$500. I
lost $2,850 to Ross. The small claims website says that I can ask
expenses incurred in suing Ross. First, I would have to win the
and be awarded the money I spent suing him. I would have to travel
Winnipeg for the trial. They will only garnish his wages for a
If I don't get all my money back, I would have to go back to court
get his wages garnished again. They can put a lien on his
property, but
I doubt if he has any. I think he lives in his parent's house.
Ambrose can't give me any help at all, not even advice. She's just
me that if I want to take Ross to court, I need to file the suit
soon. She can't tell me anything about the other victims. She
said I
would have to hire a lawyer to do that. I don't know why lawyers
can be
given that information, but I can't. The Canadian legal system is
as screwed up as ours is.

Anyway, I got a brochure in the mail yesterday about mail fraud.
Apparently it's becoming a major problem. The brochure said I
file a complaint with the US Postal Inspection Service. They will
investigate crimes that are committed using the US Postal Service.
Their website is I filed a complaint.
probably won't amount to anything, but I'm hoping he gets charged
mail fraud in this country. The more crimes he gets convicted of,
better. Here's the complaint I filed with the Postal Inspectors:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Winnipeg Canada have charged
Carleton Ross with 7 counts of fraud. He defrauded 7 people out of
almost $40,000 by posting items on ebay and never delivering them.
"bought" an antique pedestal and griffin from him for $2,850 but
received it. I sent Mr. Ross a check for $2,850 through the US
In addition to the charges he's facing in Canada, he should also be
charged with mail fraud in the U.S. I don't know how his other
paid him. The crimes should be investigated to see if others
payments through the U.S. mail. The prosecuting attorney should be
to give you that information. Her name is Mandy Ambrose. Her e-
address is I don't know that all 7 of the
victims are Americans, but I think most of them probably are. I
that one of them lives in Kentucky. His name is Dan Sutherland.
made a bank transfer for $8,000 and never received the item he
I do know that none of the victims are Canada.

Carlton Bruce Ross also known as Charles Griffin has been arrested
charged with seven counts of Fraud. Court is set for June 9, 2010
at the
Winnipeg Provincial court office.
Commercial Crime Section

Read the arrest stories about him:

Over 20 people have contacted us about this man now. Someone will
him soon.This man is a liar and a thief.china2677

The following is the opinion of Kimball M. Sterling president of
Kimball M.
Sterling Inc. Auctioneers. Two time winner of the "Best of Show"
from the National Auctioneers Association and an Internationally
auctioneer for the past 15-20 years.

April 28th- If you have ust googled "LOUIS BOULLE GRANDFATHER CLOCK
aft JEAN-HENRI RIESENER " read this before you buy

Hi Kimball,

I did something really stupid myself. Nikita took his listing off
of ebay
before the auction ended and I sent him a message asking him why he
that. Then I bought the pedestal from him outside of ebay. Ebay
is always
cautioning people not to do that. It sounds like Dan didn't use
paypal. He
paid for the things he bought with a bank transfer. For several
months now,
ebay won't let people sell things unless they accept payment by
paypal. I
think Nikita is getting people to buy things outside of ebay and
with payment
methods that are insecure. When I talked to him on the phone, he
told me
I could send him a money transfer. That's the least secure payment
method. Nikita's using ebay to advertise his things (if they
really are his,
and they probably aren't) and then screwing people by getting them
to do
things that ebay cautions against. That's probably why they didn't
when Dan contacted them. I fell victim to Nikita because the thing
advertised on ebay was the coolest piece of antique furniture I've
seen. I just really wanted it and was willing to take the chance.
I should
have told him I would drive to Montreal and pick it up and pay him
when I
picked it up. It's too late for that now. Oh well.

Have a good day. And thanks for being so proactive in trying to
put a stop
to this idiot's scams. It was good to hear that someone read your
and it prevented him from buying that clock that Nikita advertised.
You're a
good man.

Date: Apr 28, 2010 12:58 AM
dear sir, this man ripped me off $2500.00 on the same clock that
the other
guy was talking about. and now he has it back on ebay!!! along with
things!!! this guy needs to be caught...

Date: Monday, April 26, 2010, 9:57 PM

Thank you so much for contacting me about Nikita Bentley Ross alias
Charles Griffin. I have contacted an attorney in Winnipeg and
intended on
contacting the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. What
did you use for the Canadian Police? I would be interested in
working with
you on this. He stole $8,000 from me and anything in Canada below
$10,000 is a small claims case. Together he took over $10,000 from
two of us. Maybe this would be of greater interest for the RCMP?
I was told
to contact the FBI fine arts fraud division and the internet fraud
division and
they would work with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

If you have any more contacts or information I would appreciate
Again I certainly appreciate you getting with me and one day this
thief will
have to recon with the legal authorities.
What really made me mad was that e-bay did nothing to help me and
even filed a complaint against me saying I did not pay him! Of
course the
bank transfer was sent to Charles Alexander Griffin his alias.


Subject: re; charles alexander griffin
>Dear Sir
>this person tried to sell me a fantastic clock i saw on ebay
outside of the
protection of ebay requesting wire transfer of funds for payment
the names
used on ebay as a sller is china2677 and the emails all came from
woman supposidly claming to be his wife nikita ross , as much as
i want
tthis clock im not going to fall into his deceit , yo asved me
from loosing
money with your posting an im ma very grateful , if its of any
consequence i
have his bank acct numbers at jp morgan chase and the royal bank
canada , michael
>-----Original Message-----

Subject: re; charles alexander griffin
Date: Apr 11, 2010 8:20 PM

Dear Sir

this person tried to sell me a fantastic clock i saw on ebay
outside of the
protection of ebay requesting wire transfer of funds for payment
the names
used on ebay as a sller is china2677 and the emails all came from
woman supposidly claming to be his wife nikita ross , as much as
i want
tthis clock im not going to fall into his deceit , yo saved me
from loosing
money with your posting an im very grateful , if its of any
consequence i
have his bank acct numbers at jp morgan chase and the royal bank
canada ,

Update: March 21, 2009:
>Sent: Mar 21, 2009 9:30 PM
>Subject: Charles Griffin
>Thank you for posting the information about Charles Griffin. Last
fall I
bought something from him online and sent him a check for $2,850.
never received the item. I’ve sent him messages about it and I’ve
responses. The person who sends the responses signs his name Phil.
For a
few months he’s been telling me that Charles has been incapacitated
some serious infection. He won’t give me any other information.
I’m sure
Phil is really Charles. I’ll contact the Winnipeg authorities.
I’ll probably
never see my money, but now that I’ve seen your posting on the
I’ll start to do something about it.

Update of Charels Jan 24,2009:

I have received this info from another auction gallery:


I've just confirmed that Charles Alexander Griffin is indeed going
by the
name Nikita Carleton Bentley Ross, nowadays. I just wanted to let
know that for your own records, in case he tries to bid with you
Thanks a lot for posting the deadbeat's information on line; it was
helpful. I like to avoid potential problems before the hammer
falls...and you
and I both know that Charles Griffin aka Nikita Ross is a problem

Charles Alexander Griffin, Yes I said Charles Alexander Griffin
42 Driftwood Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Call us to find out more about this deadbeat bidder. He owes us for
purchase. About 2285.00 and will not answer calls or emails.
Auctioneers be aware of this guy. Please blacklist this bidder.
Call us at
423-928-1471 and we will tell you more. We are in the process of
filling a
suit against him under the UCC.
He will not know it but someday when he shows his passport at
customs he
will have a surprise here in the United States.

In my opinion you should not believe a word he says. This notice is
September !st, 2008. Any notice posted anywhere else after this
date from
this deadbeat bidder should be one of his lies.

We have been in business for 20 years and have never had a person
this bid at any of our auctions.

Kimball M.

Here is another deadbeat bidder:

He bought and refused to honor the terms of the auction. Please be
of this gentleman; hE IS NOW A BLOCKED BIDDER WITH US.

Shu Jie Yu

Username: Dalian002900
Address: Rm 2606 Mingshimansion, No.20AJ
Gangwan Street
Dalian City, Zhong Shan District 116001, CN
Tel: 86-411-39840088
Tel 2: 82738651

Deadbeat bidder as of 7/26/2013.
Thomas Gain
This man purchase over 3000.00 in canes and has not paid or
returned any emails. In
our opinion you should not trust him to pay and do not approve his
to bid in any

Username: thomasgain

530 888-7308

Thomas Gain
2540 grass valley hwy spc 40
auburn CA
US 95603

Another deadbeat bidder 2014
She paid for her purchases but refuses to pay app. 450.00 for her
shipping and
permits. She is a barrister in Sidney. She has been blocked to bid
with us. After i
worked very hard to get her the items she will not even
acknowledge my emails.

Julie Orsini

Username: littlebearlaw
Address: 337 Catherine Street
Sydney, New South Wales 2040, AU
Mobile tel: (041) 621-4267
Tel: (02) 95697895
Tel 2: (02) 95640226


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